We are on hand to treat your bees nest

Bees are not a protected species, however they are a valuable part of our eco-system. We at Abbott Contractors are here to help if those bees are posing a health risk or have nested in an awkward or inaccessible area in or around your home.

Why Choose Abbott Contractors Bee Control?Treatment for a bees nest is a last resort, but is sometimes the only option. Our expert Pest Controllers will utilise the latest up-to-date methods to neutralise the threat of a Bees nest quickly and effectively.

Bee pest control treatment


Our treatment for bees revolves around the use of an insecticidal spray. An insecticide is coated onto the bees coats, which then gets into the bee nest itself and comes within direct contact of the queen. This process will eventually terminate the larvae and remaining bees which will kill the nest.


As previously mentioned, some bees can build hives located far off the ground, such as chimneys. Where the height is greater than what a ladder will reach, we may need to use hired equipment to access the beehive. It is important you inform us if this is the case to ensure our bee exterminator does not waste their and your time.


Where the treatment for the bee nest has been applied and not killed off the beehive within 48 hours, we offer a job re-visit to re-apply the insecticide. As with most pest tasks, there is never a 100% guarantee however, we use the very best treatment to help your bee control problem be a thing of the past.

Types of bees

There are over 250 different species of bee that can be found throughout the United Kingdom. Here, we have narrowed it down to the three most common bee species you will find in your garden or your property in some unfortunate circumstances.


Honey bee

With a fluffy head and smooth body, these bees are black and yellow-orange in colour. They have been known to build nests anywhere, whether that be a hollow tree or your roof. There are three types of honey bee, a worker, queen and drone.

Bumble bee

Being the largest of these three species, they do not produce honey but are important for the pollination services they provide. They make their nests anywhere, like the Honey bee. Their appearance is fluffy all over with black and yellow bands.

Masonry bee

These are the smallest of the bee species. They are black and orange in colour and can often be mistaken for wasps. These bees can be of a particular nuisance as they can drill into the brickwork to create cavities to build nests, possibly causing structural damage.

Bee sting

The chance of obtaining a bee sting is relatively low. Bees rarely sting unless they are provoked or cornered into a situation where they feel highly threatened. Like with any insect sting, a bee sting carries a threat to life if the person stung happens to be allergic, in which case immediate emergency medical attention would need to be sorted.

Most insect stings require no additional medical care. However, in the event you are stung it is important to remove the stinger as whilst it is still in your skin, it is pumping more venom into your body. Once removed, wash the area that has been stung with soap and water. If you are bothered by the itchiness, redness and swelling of the sting site, then a hydrocortisone cream can be applied to relieve some of these symptoms. 

For more information, please read the NHS page on bee stings.

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Our procedure

Our work is not only approved by major insurance companies but some of our more regular customers, including several county councils, government offices and facilities management companies, not to mention many established high street retailers. We currently respond to over 150,000 emergency callout situations per year; the majority are dealt with effectively and often to very short time-scales.

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In addition to our planned maintenance work, we are proud to provide reactive services for homes and businesses across the UK. Our team work together to provide our customers with an exceptional response rate. We want to be our customers' first point of call and understand that when an emergency strikes, you need the problem to be resolved quickly and professionally by an engineer you can trust. Our fully certified engineers are ready to help you 24 hours a day*, so you can feel safe with Abbott Contractors.

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