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Your boiler combines the gas, water and electricity in your home to provide hot water and heat through your central heating system. Seeing as it has such an important role in your home, it is integral that boiler maintenance is kept on top of. If 12 months have passed since your boiler service then you will need to book yourself in for another one. Broken boilers can do more than just put a hole in your wallet.

The secretion of carbon monoxide from a leaky pipe can be deadly, including risk of explosion or being set alight. It is important to ensure that your boiler receives a regular service. You may feel like you are saving money by not having to shell out for a service. But in actual fact, an annual boiler servicing can prevent problems, avoid unwanted disruptions and help to keep energy bills to a minimum.

You can call a heating expert today to book in your boiler service at the time that is most convenient to you. Our engineers operate at all hours across the UK, along with our sales advisors who are ready and waiting to book you in for that boiler service your home needs.

Reasons to have your boiler serviced

Stay safe

One of the biggest reasons you should get your boiler serviced is to keep you and the people in your home safe. Your boiler burns fuel that can release carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. The big problem with carbon monoxide is that it is hard to detect and makes homeowners unaware the gas is poisoning them. Therefore, it is really important to have your boiler regularly looked at by a professional to give you peace of mind that your home is safe.

Catch faults early

Chances are, if you are not a properly trained Gas Safe Engineer, you won’t know when there is a problem with your boiler until it completely stops working. During the servicing, your gas and heating engineer will be able to identify any underlying issues before they become a serious and costly problem.

It is cheaper than a replacement

Getting your boiler serviced costs less than you might think, and it is certainly cheaper than getting it replaced. Getting your boiler serviced each year will keep it running efficiently, and because an engineer will be able to fix any issues, the chances of your boiler breaking down are vastly reduced.

Gas safety certificates

Landlords are also required to provide a gas safety certificate each year for tenants living in their property. By law, under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, it is a Landlord’s responsibility to get a Gas Safety Certificate every twelve months. This must be obtained from a Gas Safe Registered engineer for all pipework, gas appliances and flues installed at your property. It is also recommended that domestic property owners regularly have all gas-related items checked.

The requirements for all these include all pipework, appliances and flues to be checked and confirmed as safe, and they must be maintained to pass the checks. The boiler and appliances will be condemned if they do not pass the checks. A notice sticker will then be placed on the front of the boiler or appliance as a warning of its failure in the check.

A Gas Safe Engineer must carry out the checks, and this work will include:

  • A description of the location of each of the appliances or flue check.
  • The name, registration and signature of the engineer carrying out the check.
  • The date it was checked.
  • The address the checks were performed at.
  • Any defect(s) that is identified and any remedial works required.
  • A statement confirming the safety checks that were completed comply with the regulations of the Gas Safety Regulations 1998.

Our boiler servicing procedure

Visual check

Our engineers will start the service by performing a visual check. This will establish that the boiler, installation and the positioning are correct. A pre-service will also be performed whereby the engineer will fire up the boiler to check its basic operation along with identifying any initial faults with the boiler.

Removing casing

The casing will then be removed by the engineer. You should never attempt this yourself as the homeowner. The main components will then be examined to ensure they are clean and free from damage. Our engineers will also check the electrics for any overheating, whilst also cleaning all the inside services and inspecting the pipework and joints. Most importantly, our engineer will check to make sure the flue terminal is unobstructed.

Gas valve check

Our engineers will now use a flue gas analyser to check the gas valve. This will ensure that the boiler is combusting properly. If any of these tests show a fault, then the engineer will inform us of any additional cost that the repairs of the unit will incur. We will also carry out a gas tightness test. This will establish whether there are any leaks in the system.

Final steps

The final steps in the servicing involves carefully replacing the casing back onto the boiler. Following this you will be given a service report. This is where you can compare what the engineer has stated, done with what has actually been completed. You only need to sign off on this report when you are satisfied with our engineer’s work compared to the checklist.

Some of our happy clients include:

Our procedure

Our operations centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year*, so our customers can always speak to one of our helpful advisers. Our teams work closely together to ensure that the customer receives a prompt, co-ordinated and efficient service. At the time of booking, our expert advisers will select a local engineer to attend the site. The progress of the job is then carefully monitored through to completion, with live updates of estimated arrival times relayed directly to you.

Our procedure

Our work is not only approved by major insurance companies but some of our more regular customers, including several county councils, government offices and facilities management companies, not to mention many established high street retailers. We currently respond to over 150,000 emergency callout situations per year; the majority are dealt with effectively and often to very short time-scales.

Rapid emergency response

In addition to our planned maintenance work, we are proud to provide reactive services for homes and businesses across the UK. Our team work together to provide our customers with an exceptional response rate. We want to be our customers' first point of call and understand that when an emergency strikes, you need the problem to be resolved quickly and professionally by an engineer you can trust. Our fully certified engineers are ready to help you 24 hours a day*, so you can feel safe with Abbott Contractors.

Skilled & equipped engineers

We believe that quality workmanship is essential for achieving professional and operational results. Whatever your maintenance requirements may be, you can rely on us to provide a reliable first-class service at fair prices. Our skilled and experienced engineers' work is of the highest quality and professionalism, and the latest industry standards are always adhered to. You can rely on us to provide quality solutions for your home or business, day or night.

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