Cat Flap Installation

Cat flap installation services

Supplying your cat with its very own gateway in and out of your home will make your life and theirs ten times easier! Our cat flap installers will supply and fit your new glass so that a cat flap can be installed with ease. Whether it is for a window or the glass on your back door, we are the people to call. You can contact one of our advisers to book a time convenient to your schedule, and we will have a local glazier install your cat flap in no time.



Abbott Contractor’s professional glaziers


Local to you

We don’t shy away from the fact that we are a nationwide company, with fully experienced glaziers covering various areas throughout the UK. So, you can be sure there will always be a skilled glazier that is local to you. If you need a swift solution or planned glazing work, our glaziers are ready to help with all of your glazing needs. If you have a specific cat flap that you would like to be installed, our glaziers can do this for you with no extra charges or call out fees.

Installing a cat flap

We specialise in all types of glass, glazing and fenestration. So if you need structural work such as a cat flap to be installed, we can professionally remove, refit or install a new cat flap for you. We fit cat flaps into a range of doors and windows, including uPVC door panels, patio doors, glass and wooden doors, porches and conservatories.


All of the products and materials that our experts use have undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand day-to-day use. We only install cat flaps that we know you can rely on; ensuring that your home is safe and secure day and night.

Smart and microchip activated cat flaps

We have extensive experience in installing smart and microchip activated cat flaps for a wide range of homeowners and commercial property owners. Brilliant for allowing cats to really make the most of your space, our cat flaps also offer the ultimate convenience and comfort for your cat. They are easy to initially set up and can be controlled either by your cat’s microchip or by using a simple mobile app (depending on your choice of cat flap).


The benefits of having a cat flap installed

Better home security

When you have a cat flap installed, you will no longer need to leave your backdoor open so your cat can easily roam your property. This can provide better security as opposed to leaving your property open to criminals and unwanted guests.

You are in control

If you do not want your cat going outside at certain times of the day, you can simply lock a cat flap. Alternatively, you could opt for a smart cat flap so you can pre-program when your cat is allowed to go outside. This can be really useful if you have to work late or get caught in traffic on your way home.

It promotes good health

Having a cat flap installed will provide a good level of independence for your feline friend. Instant access to your garden helps your cat exercise more, promoting good health and lowering the risk of obesity. It can also relieve boredom, especially when no one is home with them.

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Our procedure

Our operations centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year*, so our customers can always speak to one of our helpful advisers. Our teams work closely together to ensure that the customer receives a prompt, co-ordinated and efficient service. At the time of booking, our expert advisers will select a local engineer to attend the site. The progress of the job is then carefully monitored through to completion, with live updates of estimated arrival times relayed directly to you.

Our procedure

Our work is not only approved by major insurance companies but some of our more regular customers, including several county councils, government offices and facilities management companies, not to mention many established high street retailers. We currently respond to over 150,000 emergency callout situations per year; the majority are dealt with effectively and often to very short time-scales.

Rapid emergency response

In addition to our planned maintenance work, we are proud to provide reactive services for homes and businesses across the UK. Our team work together to provide our customers with an exceptional response rate. We want to be our customers' first point of call and understand that when an emergency strikes, you need the problem to be resolved quickly and professionally by an engineer you can trust. Our fully certified engineers are ready to help you 24 hours a day*, so you can feel safe with Abbott Contractors.

Skilled & equipped engineers

We believe that quality workmanship is essential for achieving professional and operational results. Whatever your maintenance requirements may be, you can rely on us to provide a reliable first-class service at fair prices. Our skilled and experienced engineers' work is of the highest quality and professionalism, and the latest industry standards are always adhered to. You can rely on us to provide quality solutions for your home or business, day or night.

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