Professional PAT testing services

PAT Testing must be carried out across a range of electrical appliances and equipment in order to ensure that they are safe to use. Although many electrical safety defects can typically be found through visual examination, there are some faults that can only be found through PAT Testing. Our experts will be able to provide PAT testing on any number of items, so you can be sure that your business meets health and safety requirements.

The electricity at work regulations 1989

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 make it a legal requirement for electrical equipment to be regularly maintained to prevent danger in the workplace. While the law does not state how this should be done or how often, inspections of electrical equipment must be arranged at least yearly to protect employees.

Why you should get your equipment PAT tested

It reduces health and safety risks

A faulty electrical appliance can cause an electric shock, which can end up taking someone’s life, so this is no matter that can be taken lightly. PAT testing can stop this from ever occurring.

Your appliances will last longer

Electrical appliances are not exactly cheap to buy. So, it is a good idea to get them tested regularly to ensure they remain in perfect working order.

It helps to keep your insurance valid

If the electrical devices at your company are not inspected as regularly or thoroughly as they should be, your insurance firm could void your cover.

It helps you financially

When you invest in regular PAT testing and maintenance of all portable electrical appliances in your building, you are saving yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Other electrical services we provide

Fault finding

Our electricians are highly experienced in identifying issues and use their skills to provide homeowners and commercial property owners with the answers they are looking for.

Electrical installation

When it comes to installing a new electrical fitting or fixture in your home, it is important that you enlist the help of a professional for your own personal safety.

Electrical repairs

If you are having problems with your electrics, our qualified electricians can be with you to resolve your problem safely and efficiently.

Light installation and repair

Whether you want a new light installed or repaired, our electricians can provide a professional solution for your domestic or commercial property.

Some of our happy clients include:

Our procedure

Our operations centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year*, so our customers can always speak to one of our helpful advisers. Our teams work closely together to ensure that the customer receives a prompt, co-ordinated and efficient service. At the time of booking, our expert advisers will select a local engineer to attend the site. The progress of the job is then carefully monitored through to completion, with live updates of estimated arrival times relayed directly to you.

Our procedure

Our work is not only approved by major insurance companies but some of our more regular customers, including several county councils, government offices and facilities management companies, not to mention many established high street retailers. We currently respond to over 150,000 emergency callout situations per year; the majority are dealt with effectively and often to very short time-scales.

Rapid emergency response

In addition to our planned maintenance work, we are proud to provide reactive services for homes and businesses across the UK. Our team work together to provide our customers with an exceptional response rate. We want to be our customers' first point of call and understand that when an emergency strikes, you need the problem to be resolved quickly and professionally by an engineer you can trust. Our fully certified engineers are ready to help you 24 hours a day*, so you can feel safe with Abbott Contractors.

Skilled & equipped engineers

We believe that quality workmanship is essential for achieving professional and operational results. Whatever your maintenance requirements may be, you can rely on us to provide a reliable first-class service at fair prices. Our skilled and experienced engineers' work is of the highest quality and professionalism, and the latest industry standards are always adhered to. You can rely on us to provide quality solutions for your home or business, day or night.

Careers at Abbott Contractors

At Abbott Contractors, careers flourish amidst a dynamic construction landscape. Join our team to experience a workplace where innovation meets tradition. Enjoy competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and ample opportunities for growth. With a supportive environment and a commitment to excellence, Abbott Contractors empowers individuals to make meaningful contributions while building a rewarding career path.

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